Family: Salticidae Blackwall, 1841 | key
Genus: Evarcha Simon, 1902 | key
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    Evarcha jucunda (Lucas, 1846)      []
    Description male

    Prosoma dorsally dark brown with white hairs on margin. Eye region black, broad white hair band semicircular from anterior lateral eyes to posterior sloping edge. Opisthosoma dorsally light with very variable dark line- and chevron pattern, always with white-black equatorial band. Palp with slightly different coloured embolus and triangular, pointed apophysis.

    Body length male: 5.1-6.3 mm

    Description female

    Colouration as in males. Opisthosoma dorsally light with dark net design anteriorly and posterior dark median chevron pattern, ventrally light with dark median stripe.

    Body length female: 5.5-7.4 mm

    Additional information

    Mainly in bush layer, more rarely on the ground or on trees, Mediterranean species, from lowland up to 1500 m.

    Belgium and Germany: introduced with transported fruit from Mediterranean countries; probably not established so far (Alderweierldt 1996, Ludy & Niechoj 2005).

      Not established
      No data

    Global distribution (World Spider Catalog 2017): Mediterranean, introduced in Belgium and Germany


    male female

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