Family: Zoropsidae Bertkau, 1882 | key
Genus: Zoropsis Simon, 1878 | key
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    Zoropsis spinimana (Dufour, 1820)      []

    Male palp with hook-shaped median apophysis. Cymbium dorsally with a field of short, dense bristles. Conductor transparent. Embolus short, blunt. Epigyne with long, narrow, finger-shaped scapus. Prosoma yellow-whitish with extended black pattern. Eye field white. Legs yellowish-grey, annulated with black. Opisthosoma yellow-whitish anteriorly, black pattern medially, grey posteriorly.

    Body length male: 10-13 mm, Body length female: 10-19 mm

    Additional information

    In open woodland, under stones and bark, often synanthropic in and on buildings. Females sit in a brood chamber on the cocoon and apparently do not leave it anymore, egg laying in spring, maturity in autumn, lives one year.

    This species can bite humans, usually when they try to catch or remove it with their hands (in urban areas, mainly in buildings). The bite is not very painful and an occasional moderate local swelling disappears within a few hours.

    Since a few decades, this species shows some spreading tendencies within Europe. Nevertheless, it shall not be listed as alien or invasive because it is native for Europe.

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    Global distribution (World Spider Catalog 2017): Mediterranean to Russia (USA, introduced)


    male female

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