Family: Liocranidae Simon, 1897 | key
Genus: Sagana Thorell, 1875 | key
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    Sagana rutilans Thorell, 1875      []

    Tibial apophysis long and straight. Embolus long. Epigyne twice as long as wide. Prosoma dark red-brown. Opisthosoma grey, without pattern, with copper-coloured hairs.

    Body length male: 7.6-9.3 mm, Body length female: 9.2-11.2 mm

    Additional information

    On trees under bark, in stony debris and on sandy ground under stones

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    Distribution comment: Albania: Vrenozi (pers. comm.), see also van Helsdingen & IJland (2015)

    Global distribution (World Spider Catalog 2017): Europe to Georgia


    male female

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